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Unreal Engine 5 Demo

With the announcement of Unreal 5 we created this spectacular demo to show the capabilities of the engine. The amount of achievable detail and quality is just stunning.

It is an honor to be able to work alongside such amazing and talented individuals. Everyone did such an killer job and I'm excited to finally be able to share. The following is a collection of images featuring some of the work I did on the demo.

Check out the rest of the team's work here:
Jerome Platteaux
Zoë Lord
Bastian Hoppe
Lana Lan
Alison Farmer
Mike Kime
Quentin Marmier
Wiktor Öhman
Matt Radford
Jack Oakman, Pete Sumanaseni, Scott Clifford, Votch Levi, David Corral, Edward Quintero and his team at MOLD3D;